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F X S T E I N - Frankenstein's blog

FXSteins 21 Turbo Warrior FXSteins 21 Turbo Warrior Frankenstein's stories of big V-Twins.

The rides, the builds, what to do and what not, an evolution of my bikes. Go faster, faster, faster. What can a turbo do to you? Is there such a thing as too much power? What's technology have to do with this? Secret and not so secret mods. Express yourself: ... you make it your own ... sounds too familiar - as much as I like riding my bikes I like building and modding them.

You have come to the place where you find writeups about the most advanced Yamaha - Star Motorcycles Custom Metrics.

The all mighty Roadstar Warrior with its 102 ci/1700cc stock engine, the all new Roadliner and Stratoliner with 113ci/1900cc all the way to custom turbos and NOS installations.

Disclaimer: This blog is for entertainment purposes only. Claims made in here are my personal views. I take no responsibility if you choose to perform some of the modifications listed on this site. Be aware that changes to a motorcycle can be illegal and might result in fines. If not performed by an expert, modifications can result in damage to your vehicle and can cause accidents and potentially lead to live threatening situation. Be sure YOU know what YOU are doing. | Blog | Albums
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