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F X S T E I N - Frankenstein's blog

FXSteins 21 Turbo Warrior FXSteins 21 Turbo Warrior Frankenstein's stories of big V-Twins.

The rides, the builds, what to do and what not, an evolution of my bikes. Go faster, faster, faster. What can a turbo do to you? Is there such a thing as too much power? What's technology have to do with this? Secret and not so secret mods. Express yourself: ... you make it your own ... sounds too familiar - as much as I like riding my bikes I like building and modding them.

You have come to the place where you find writeups about the most advanced Yamaha - Star Motorcycles Custom Metrics.

The all mighty Roadstar Warrior with its 102 ci/1700cc stock engine, the all new Roadliner and Stratoliner with 113ci/1900cc all the way to custom turbos and NOS installations.

Disclaimer: This blog is for entertainment purposes only. Claims made in here are my personal views. I take no responsibility if you choose to perform some of the modifications listed on this site. Be aware that changes to a motorcycle can be illegal and might result in fines. If not performed by an expert, modifications can result in damage to your vehicle and can cause accidents and potentially lead to live threatening situation. Be sure YOU know what YOU are doing. | Blog | Albums

THE countdown is on!

admin | 26 May, 2008 04:43

Less than 10 days before the new Max will hit the streets!

Go check it out!

Upgrading an RS Warrior front brake system

admin | 19 March, 2008 02:13

Fxstein's Warrior R1 radial Master CylinderFor years I have not been too happy with my front brakes on the custom Yamaha Roadstar Warrior Turbo 21 of mine. Especially after chroming the master cylinder and reservoir of the front brake system, braking power was very washy and would fade quickly.

Very hard stops where virtually impossible. Even the Galfer front rotors could not get the brake to bite.

I was pretty sure for a while that the root cause was the chroming of the piston housing that messed up the master piston slightly. Bet even on a stock Warrior the front brake could use a little more bite.

 (Click here for the entire article)

Turbo 21 on New Camera

admin | 10 March, 2008 03:44

Time to get a decent camera kit for my bikes. Got myself a kit form

Took the Turbo on a spin through town on this beautiful spring day here in Northern California. Enjoy the little movie!

Ride safe!

New Custom Fuel Map available for download

admin | 17 November, 2007 18:25

It has been a busy fall season so far. Lots of work going on and far too little riding. I finally got around to create another custom fuel map for the following setup:

Yamaha Star Roadliner/Stratoliner with Patrick Racing BAK and Roadhouse slipon. Make sure you unhook the OEM O2 sensor when you run this map. Leave the exup valve in place. Click the following link to choose between the available maps and download the one that matches your setup: Perfect Custom Fuel Maps

Enjoy and ride safe!

Warriors at Deals Gap - Tail of the Dragon

admin | 27 August, 2007 20:30

I finally got around to posting up our last trip to the Dragon in 2006. Boy did we have a blast! This video was taken by Mike (HUGE THX!). He knows this road inside out so he had an easy time hanging with me the Dragon newbie. Well here it is - enjoy!

Ride safe!

The Ultimate RS Warrior Ping Stop!

admin | 16 July, 2007 11:35

Fxstein performing the ultimate ping stop fix on 357Warriors engineMany Yamaha Roadstar Warrior owners have upgraded their engines with High Compressions pistons for more power and better fuel economy. Unfortunately that newfound power often comes with a dangerous engine ping, that - if left uncorrected - can damage the engine in the long run. With 92 Octane fuel for most parts of the country, it only takes a hot day for the engine to start pinging under load.

There is multiple ways to fix that ping syndrom, and there is many way NOT to do it. Lets start with the stuff you should NOT do:

Pining cannot be fixed by changing the fuel map. Some tuners will suggest to richen up the part of the map where the engine pings. Not good at all. You need to go rather rich on fuel and it will still ping in certain situations. Running the engine rich will not permanently stop the ping, will cause you to get bad gas mileage and will cost you power, the primary reason why somebody installed high compression pistons.

Pining can also NOT be fixed with various fuel additives. Stop wasting your time on these snake oils that raise your Octane levels from 92 to 92.5 Octane, at several dollars per tank and again at the cost of loosing power for puring almost nonburnable liquids into your gas.

So how do you do it?

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S T A R V M A X - The Next Generation Yamaha Star VMax Community

admin | 29 May, 2007 16:41

S T A R V M A X - The Next Generations Yamaha Star VMax Community

S T A R V M A X - has recently opened its doors. The site is still under development and some features are not yet fully implemented. Go check out the site, signup and provide your feedback in the froum section. Over time we are planning to make this the #1 premier internet destination for the All New 2008 Yamaha Star VMax.

The site is free and signup is simple. Just register and wait for the confirmation email. Once registered you can post in the forums, submit News Articles and WebLinks. We will soon add a custom Gallery and a full online community to it. The design and color schema is preliminary but it works for now. Good luck and enjoy!

Customizing the Next Generation 2008 Yamaha Star VMax

admin | 07 May, 2007 02:59

2008 Yamaha Star VMax Ever since the original VMax hit the roads in the 1980s, it has been a bike that captured the imagination of many bike owners and custom bike builders. When the VMax was released it was the fastest production motorcycle in the world and it would take many years before another bike would even come close to its power numbers. It was not designed as a canyon carver or a track bike, its single purpose was to go as fast as possible down a straight line. And boy did it do it well! Many Power Cruisers and street fighters still fall way short of reaching the acceleration of the old - all mighty - VMax.

After some 20 years Yamaha is about to release the next generation VMax. Awaited for 2008, the bike will set new standards for most powerful.

 (Click here for the entire article)

The Ultimate Road Star Warrior Search for eBay

admin | 03 May, 2007 01:50

Would you like to try out a new fun way to find you favorite RS Warrior items on eBay? Well here it is: eBay To Go. This little widget is preloaded with my favorite eBay Warrior search. It will find misspelled, mis categorized items and is simple to browse. Just browse through the items and click on anything interesting.


Perfect Custom Fuel Map on the Dyno

admin | 26 April, 2007 04:11

Yamaha Roadliner Stratoliner Dyno Sheet After having received lots of requests to dyno one of my custom maps posted on this blog, I finally went ahead and did a few dyno pulls earlier today. San Jose Yamaha just finished installing their dyno equipment and have been pulling a few Roadliners over the past few weeks. None of the equipped like the FXLiner but good for some comparisons. The FXLiner used for this particular dyno run has several modifications installed that all need to be mentioned before you can read too much into those numbers. First off the bike has a modified rear end with a 240 wide tire conversion kit. Having done similar runs on various RS Warriors before I know that the 240 kit eats rear wheel power by about 2-4 hps.

 (Click here for the entire article)

How to fix the Yamaha Roadliner/Stratoliner engine stall

admin | 21 April, 2007 20:20

Yamaha Roadliner Stratoliner Idle Range Screw The Yamaha Roadliner/Stratoliner is one of the most desireable VTwin cruisers on the market. It comes with little supirse that review after review ranks it as the top cruiser in the >1800cc category. The aricooled VTwin runs smooth, produces gobs of torque and makes some serious power. Riding the Roadliner is fun. You can cruise in 5th gear all day long or yank the bike through the twisties for some sporty feeling. Its no sportbike but the handling has currently no match in the cruiser world.

With all the raveing about the bike there is one issue that bugs a growing group of Liner Owners: More and more people report of stalling bikes. In particular riding the bike in stop and go trafic at extremly low speeds or down slight downhill stretches can cause the engine to stall when approaching a stop or pulling in the clutch.

This article describes a very simple procedure how to adjust some of the idle characteristics of the bike to prevent the engine from stalling.

 (Click here for the entire article)

Modifying the Roadstar Warrior Clutch with the Barnett SR-2 conversion

admin | 16 April, 2007 23:36

The Barnett SR-2 Clutch Conversion More and more Yamaha Roadstar Warrior owners opt to upgrade their OEM clutches for multiple reasons. Either you upgraded your engine or you just want a more precise feel of the Barnett pressure plate over the stock diaphragm spring. Either way you want to make sure that the clutch conversion gets you the most. Since the side of the engine is open you might as well go all the way and get a little flaw of the Barnett SR-2 plate taken care off. The plate bottoms out on the OEM clutch boss too early when the friction plates have started to wear a little but well before they are out of spec causing the clutch to slip prematurely. (Click here for the entire article)

Perfect Custom Fuel Maps for the Roadliner available for download

admin | 16 April, 2007 11:00

As I am putting on the finishing touches on Part 2 of the Custom Fuel Map series I went ahead and did another Perfect PCIII USB map for the Roadliner/Stratoliner OEM exhaust. There is also a map for the Cobras staggered. You can find both maps for download in the Albums section of the site or follow this link: Perfect Custom Fuel Maps

Enjoy and ride safe!

Upgrading the Roadliner Stratoliner Clutch for Some Serious Power

admin | 21 January, 2007 20:01

The OEM clutch assembly for the Yamaha Roadliner and Stratoliner

Most of you know that I have been looking for a serious clutch upgrade ever since the FXLiner got its wet Nitrous system installed. The bike's OEM clutch did not take the 50 extra rear wheel ponies that easy. Especially in 3rd and up clutch slippage was extreme to the point where the engine would redline within a second of hitting the shot - far before the acceleration has had a chance to actually move the bike that fast.

Soon after my failed attempt multiple individuals pointed out a good old trick from other bikes that have gone serious power upgrades. Yeah - thats the one I refused to even try to begin with. Well not really but in order to try it out you too have to order parts and I felt it was not worth it.

 (Click here for the entire article)

FXStein's Final Monster Garage of the Year 2006

admin | 10 January, 2007 11:40

Frankenstein's Final Monster Garage of the Year 2006 December 29th was the day - or better night. The final chance for a great Monster Garage in my little bike shop. A whole bunch of the local Warrior gang showed up for a night of fun. As always we had some plans for wrenching around but somehow we did not get too much done. ;-) To much talking, enjoying good old Fat Tire beer, watching recent videos, pizza and plenty of scotch. The night started out around 7pm and it sure was one of the colder nights you find out here in California during our usually not so winterish winters.

 (Click here for the entire article)

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